Physical description

A cream paperback reader or textbook with black and red lettering on the front cover at the top for the title, Whitcombe's Vivid History Reader Grade V. A red, black and white illustration in a square, shows a soldier from ancient times peering through bushes at enemy soldiers around a campfire. Throughout are black and white maps, diagrams, photographs and illustrations. Inside the front and back covers are further Whitcombe and Tombs titles as well as on the outside of the back cover. Pp. 208.

Publication type


Inscriptions & markings

Dorothy 'Neil is written on the Identification sticker inside the back cover.


A Vivid History Reader for Grade V - The British People in the Making, was specially written to meet the requirements of the Social Studies (History) Course in Victorian Elementary Schools. It is a series of vivid and realistic history readers attractively produced and illustrated for the enjoyment of girls and boys in their approach to history of their own land and of the wonderful countries overseas.