Historical information

20 x Letters, Signals and Documents pertaining to Papua New Guinea (PNG) Mapping during the period 1970-77. These documents were important authoritative documents affecting the production of PNG mapping being produced at the Army Survey Regiment at that time.

Physical description

Foolscap size folder containing 20 x letters/signals pertaining to Papua New Guinea mapping. Several documents both have been numbered #15.

Inscriptions & markings

Each letter/Signal is numbered 1-20. Document 1- has "recieved" stamp, Document 2- has a note and signature MM Knight WO2, Document 3 - has 788-2-18 ad "Recieved" , Document 5 - has "Sergeant RN Sargeant" annotated, Document -11 has two file numbers and "received" stamp, Document -12 (telephone record) has recipients stamp, date and initials and file ' R750-5-1, Document -13 "received" stamp and initials, Document -15 has "received" stamp and a note "apply after TALASEA", Document -16 includes a diagram, Document -17 "Distribution List" hand written, Document -18 "received" stamp, Document 19 has note and initials, Document -20 "recipients" stamp, note and initials and "Army Survey Regiment" document stamp.