Historical information

The domestic sewing box would have been used in the home.

Physical description

A brown varnished rectangular wooden lidded Sewing Box with a lift out top section which has 16 varying sized compartments for storing sewing accessories. There is a has a hollow area underneath the tray. The lid is attached with brass hinges and it has a brass lock and small key. There are several sewing items included - cotton reels and thread, assorted darning thread for hosiery, wool and nylon threads, a box of black pins, assorted sewing needles, thimbles, small decorative sewing scissors, black rolled tape, mixed buttons, hooks and eyes, nickel plated fittings for hats, vintage stocking hooks, a stick of white chalk, two (one green and one ivory) antique cotton thread winders and a medium sized vintage safety pin.

Inscriptions & markings

a Variety of brands of items include - 'Rite Tone', 'Della Darn' 'C No Darn', 'Clark's Filosheen' hosiery thread, 'Barbour's Linen Wax Thread', 'The Flora MacDonald Best Steel Bodkins' 'National Hat Guard' nickel plated steel and brass fittings, 'Chadwick's Wool and Nylon' reinforcing mending thread, 'The Myrene Snap Studio' size 1 rustless press studs, 'The Pagoda Brand' rolled tape 5 yds, 'Cross Fox Brand' Best quality Steel Stems (long plastic headed pins), 'Toledo' brass thimble and a black box of 'F. Tayler & Co's Solid Headed Mixed Pins'. The brass lock has 'SECURE PATENT' stamped in to it on the inside of the edge of the front of the box. there is also a small VR with a tiny rounded pattern opposite the Patent sign.