Historical information

A class photograph of Watsonia High School 1965 Form 3A. Students are named by donor: Row 1: Lyn Eyval, Gisella Begutter, Glynne Pietzsch, Stephen Meadows, Larry Gard, Lyn Guy, Colette Hion, Leonore Barter; Row 2: Marg Litster, Andrea Winton, Shirley Faulkner, Julia Buday, Barb Porteous, Sue Cope, Kathy Ball, Wendy Auty, Kerry Fitzmaurice; Row 3: Charlie Lopatko, Neville Harris, John Briggs, Robert Stevens, Stephen Riley, Shane Crowley, Colin Wallace, Graeme Wilson; 4th row: Wendy Simpson, Marion Wasley, Loraine Clay, Sue Day, Mr Macraw, Pam Cox, Elisabeth Craig, Glenys Norman, Christine MacDougal.


This photograph is complete with names and class list.

Physical description

Black and white school photo with names of students and class timetable on separate pages.