Historical information

This stencil has been made to label packaged produce (wool bales, packaged meat etc) from a farm in Grasmere, near Warrnambool. The name, W. Robinson, suggests that this is William Robinson the son of James and Jane Robinson. James Robinson came to Australia in 1857 and he and his family farmed at Springvale at Hopkins Point, then at what was termed 'Manning's old Purnim Farm' on the Merri Rive at Grasmere (the Manning brothers, Frederick and John were early farmers in the district). The Robinson brothers, James and Stuart were well-known in the Warrnambool district as champion ploughmen. James's son, William married firstly Christina MacLennan and then Elizabeth Neale of Tooram, Allansford. William died in 1959 but the stencil was probably used on the property after his death.


This farm stencil is of interest as a memento of farming at Grasmere in the first half of the 20th century.

Physical description

This is a metal stencil, oval in shape. It has letters cut out in the metal for stencilling purposes. It has been painted or sprayed and is rusted in places.

Inscriptions & markings

W. Robinson 20 Grasmere