Historical information

This fishing rod was donated to the Wodonga Historical Society by Mr. David Brown who is a retired Victorian Railways driver. It was made for him by Mr. Jack Bowden in 1962. Mr. Bowden was the driver of the Southern Aurora when it crashed with a freight train at Violet Town on 7 February 1969.
The Sydney – Melbourne passenger train was bound for Melbourne. At about 7.05 a.m. the “Southern Aurora” collided head-on with the Melbourne-Albury goods train near Violet Town. 8 people lost their lives in the crash and 117 were injured. Driver John Bowden had died of cardiac arrest at some time before the collision. The driver of the goods train, Lawrence Rosevear, a good friend and workmate of Jack Bowden had tried to apply the brake when he realised the Aurora was not slowing down, but was unable to stop the impact. Lawrence also died in the crash


This was made by a local train driver who was died in the "Southern Aurora" train tragedy.

Physical description

A hand made fibre-glass fishing rod with wooden handle and agate runners