Historical information

Training notes related to "Exercise Key Ring" - War Administration. Printed notes are dated Appril 84 and May 88.
Part off the "Kevin John HERDMAN" No.397661, collection.
See Catalogue No. 5942P for details of his service record.

Physical description

1. Red and cream coloured foolscap sized manilla folder containing green and pink coloured pages with text in black type. Pages have two punched holes and are secured in place with a silver coloured fastener. Title on front cover in black type. Black and white illustration with caption also on front cover.
2. Light blue coloured foolscap sized manila folder containing white pages with printing in black text and fastened on top LH corner with a staple. Remaining lined pages contain handwritten notes in black, blue and pancil. All pages are labelled 'Restricted'. Title on front cover is dark blue type. Front and rear covers have three diamond shaped holes cut into them.

Inscriptions & markings

1. Handwritten in pencil inside back cover: "Class1. Rat, 3, POL, 4. Def Hom, 5. Ammo/min.
2. Handwritten in blue on a white sticker on front covers: 'Key Ring'.