Historical information

White metal medal issued to commemorate Melbourne's centenary 1934-35. This medal was given out to Victorian school children; 325,600 white metal medals were struck. There were also a few VIP pieces in other metals, including two in gold. The medal references Portland, the location of Victoria's first settlement. The Henty brothers, entrepreneur farmers and whalers, established the state's first permanent European settlement in Portland in 1834. Melbourne was established the following year by a party of settlers led by John Batman.

Physical description

White metal medal.
Medal, silver. with hole and ring at the top. Obverse: Sailing Ship, Coast, Boat on shore, 3 men. Reverse Colonial man on grass, river, city buildings on other river bank Medal commemorates the centenary of Victoria and Portland 1834 and Melbourne 1835.
Obverse:Scene of landing at Portland Bay; in ground below, PORTLAND / 1834; above, centenary of victoria / 1934
Reverse: Pioneer on south bank of Yarra looking across to Melbourne, below 1835 above, CENTENARY / OF / MELBOURNE / 1935

Inscriptions & markings

Front: Inverse: Centenary of Melbourne 1835 (Top)
1835 (Bottom)
Back: Obverse: Centenary of Victoria 1934 (Round Top)
Portland 1834 (Bottom)