Historical information

Owned by James and Ada Brimblecombe, Heywood. Later owned by Merle Lewis, Mt. Gambier.
R.H. Plant founded Tuscan Fine China in 1878 in Staffordshire. This area known as the Potteries, was England’s centre for the production of china. The Plant family already had a long history in producing china.

Tuscan specialized in decorative fine bone china dinnerware that is very fine and light. Despite their reputation for quality, the company suffered the fate of the other potteries with lower sales and higher costs after WW2.

Wedgwood purchased the company in 1967. However, Wedgwood continued producing china under the Tuscan name. However, in 1967 the new owners added the Royal prefix to the name. Despite this production ceased in 2006.

Physical description

Leaf-shaped butter dish of white glazed china, edged in gold. Black and white image of a lighthouse on a cliff with a tall flagpole behind it. There is a broken fence running to the edge of the cliff in the right foreground.

Inscriptions & markings

Front: Lighthouse Bluff, Portland, Victoria (printed with image in centre of dish)
Back: Tuscan China/England (stamped logo, green)