Historical information

This poster has been produced as a saleable item by the firm of McCarron Bird & Co of Melbourne about 1900. This firm was founded in 1872 and is best known for its publication of the two-volume work, 'Victoria and its Metropolis' (1888). The poster was intended to be hung on a wall for decorative and advertising purposes. It contains four attractive lithographs of the towns, Warrnambool, Port Fairy, Portland and Hamilton and a great number of advertisements and illustrations, some from Melbourne and the rest from the Westen District towns mentioned above. One Warrnambool advertisement is for the general merchant business of William Caffin in Kepler Street and two others are advertisements for the coastal ships, Flinders, Dawn and Casino which came into the port of Warrnambool.


This poster has local historical significance as it has a descriptive drawing of the town of Warrnambool about 1900 and shows the buildings that were existing at that time.

Physical description

This is a cream-coloured sheet of paper with a coloured centre piece showing the title of the poster, four coloured lithographs of Western Victorian towns and advertisements printed and illustrated in black and white. The edges of the poster are frayed and the paper is torn at the centre left edge.