Historical information

Displays Military awards that have been awarded to Australians since 1915 through to 2021. This includes awards from Foreign countries.
The following group are all replica medals;
Anniversary of National Service Medal 1951/1972,
Australian Defence Medal 1945/open,
Interfet Medal,
Afghanistan Medal 2001-2021,
Iraq Medal 2003,
Australian Service medal with Cambodia and Sinai Clasps,
Australian Operational Service Border Protection Medal,
Reserve Forces Decoration Medal,
Reserve Forces Medal,
Companion of the Order of Australia (Military) Medal,
Defence Long Service Medal,
National Medal,
Cadet Force Medal,
Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal,
Efficiency Medal,
The following may not be replicas;
Croix de Guerrero (Circa WW1) Belgium,
Croix de Guerrero (Circa WW1) French,
Saudi Arabian Medal for the liberation of Kuwait,
Kuwait Liberation Medal.

Physical description

1 set of 21 Australian Military Awards dating from 1915 through to 2021 placed on a display boeard titled Board Number 4.
There is an attached list identifying these awards. Each of the awards has it's appropriate title placed underneath the award.

Inscriptions & markings

There are no inscriptions on these medals as these are replica medals. Right hand corner of the display board identifies from the " Bob English Collection".