Historical information

During World War 1, to finance the war the Commonwealth Government had a series of war loans, and then peace loans. To recover the cost of the war and fund soldier pensions the government launched 'Peace Loan' campaigns after the war. The various Shires in each State were given quotas that they were expected to raise.
As part of the efforts to gain support for the Seventh War Loans for the Commonwealth, an Australian military tank launched an "offensive" throughout Northeast of Victoria, visiting several towns finishing at Wodonga on Saturday 5th Wodonga and staying on the Sunday before continuing on its tour.
In response to this and other fund-raising efforts, the Wodonga community subscribed more than £12,845 to the Peace Loans which was acknowledged with the presentation of the brass plaque.


This image captures an important event in Wodonga in response to World War 1.

Physical description

A black and white photograph depicting crowds gathered outside the Shire Hall in Wodonga. Flags are flying in the street. People are looking at a war tank on display towards the right hand side of the image.

Inscriptions & markings

TANK DAY WODONGA has been hand written on the middle of the image.