Historical information

The bodice is of a style from the Victorian Era and so provides a good example of women's clothing from that time. Although it appears to have been made at a later time the lace possibly came from an earlier time period. It is of historic interest as it was amongst the belongings of the donor's Great Aunts who were both dressmakers at the original Terang & District Co-Op which was established in 1908.


The item is of significance socially as an example of women's clothing in the Victorian era.

Physical description

A short, waist-length bodice most likely made as a performance costume. It is representative of a Victorian bodice style though the lacing used indicates that it would not have been worn in those times due to its revealing design. Flexible metal stays provide shape to the bodice at the front and back. Sleeves are elbow length and lined with cream fabric. The bodice has a lace collar and the sleeves are trimmed with the same lace. Small gold coloured beads are stitched to the flower centres of the lace pattern. The burgundy coloured satin has an embossed floral pattern. The lace is of interest as it is from an older time period and being beaded would be especially sought after. Machine and hand stitched.