Historical information

A visit in 1972 to the Little Desert National Park by a group from Murtoa headed by ranger K Hateley to observe mallee fowls' mounds.

Physical description

Black and white photograph of a mallee fowl mound at Kiata.

Inscriptions & markings

.1 Front ; Kiata - Mallee Fowl mound Feb. 72 Verso: Little Desert
.2 Front: Mallee Fowl incubator mound - Little Desert verso: Little Desert 1972
.3 Practise Mound Mallee Fowl 72 Verso: Little Desert Feb 1972
.4 Verso: Visited Mallee Hen Nest: Jack Watson, Herbert Smith, Lance Yung, H Hately - Ranger Kiata
.5 Rev. H Smith K Hatelley Kiata L.D. Verso:Mallee Fowl Mounds Little Desert Feb 1972 Agfa -4.2.72
.6 Dad Lance Bert Smith K Hateley Verso: John R Watson Lance Yung (brother -in-law of John (Jack)) Bert Smith, (uncle of Lance ) Feb1972
Little Desert