Historical information

Negatives from Stawell Photographer.
Discarded from Penna Print Ararat.
Son contacted and gave approval for Stawell Historical Society to keep them.
Only those of a non personal nature scanned.

Ken German
David Read Motors
Graeme Healy Family
Ann French
Doug Cross Family
Vikki & John Holcombe Family
Kaye Ellen Family
Jenkins Hand
Heather Slorach & Rod Reading
Pencker Family
Ian Bryant
Linda Clarke & Hank Woldhuis
Philip West Aerial Photos
Mrs L Fielding 80th
Show 1980
Lindsay Flowers
Harrisons Wedding Cake
Debbie Martin & Bob McGregor
Rene Hall 80th
Pool Game 1980
Mrs Coates 100th
Ann Watson & Mike Farrell
Glenda Smith & Geoff Lewin
Nell Stewart & Liam Pickering
SAAC 1980
Stawell Brass Band
Shuttleworth Dogs
Helen Grace Cat
Tina Walters Queens Scout
Peel Family
Trudy Harrison Grange Golf
Slaughter House
Suzanne Gercovitch & Gary Isbel

Physical description

Colour negatives of families, weddings and other.
Nineteen Lever Arch Folders

Inscriptions & markings

Mick Walsh
52 Patrick Street