Historical information

Negatives from Stawell Photographer.
Discarded from Penna Print Ararat.
Son contacted and gave approval for Stawell Historical Society to keep them.
Only those of a non personal nature scanned.

Currie & Pigeon
O’Sullivan & Flowers
Beryl Voight Cake
John Monaghan Ordination photos taken in Stawell Town Hall upstairs.
6128-6 c.1975 Back Row Danny Rathgeber, Andrew Van Diesen, Bernard Rowe, - - - - -
Fr Row Phil Monaghan, Shaun Allen, Aaron Dalziel, Liam Pickering, Simon Comitti, Simon Krause - Shaun Ashton.
Susan Pyke & Garry Palmer
Victree P/L
Lynette McMullin Stawell Arts Council
Glenorchy Golf Club Team 1981
West Twins
Robson & Moller
Snow 23/6/81
Maureen Carroll & Ross Nacy
Elaine Aisbett & Neil Lamb
Jenny Schunann & Greg Randall
Robyn Whelan & Robert Hemley
Kerryn Taylor & Ian Mitchell
Mrs Wlliamsons Cooper Reunion
Debbie Morton & James Evans

Physical description

Colour negatives of families, weddings and other.
Nineteen Lever Arch Folders

Inscriptions & markings

Mick Walsh
52 Patrick Street