Historical information

Negatives from Stawell Photographer.
Discarded from Penna Print Ararat.
Son contacted and gave approval for Stawell Historical Society to keep them.
Only those of a non personal nature scanned.

Robinson & Ford
Wilkenson & Perry
Pert & Golden
Privett family
K Fenwick
Earle & Simpson
Barry Shalders family
Lyn Rasche family
Crawford Baby
Dayson Dixie Landers
8 Ball Championships 1976
Val Woolley
French House
Altmann & Nalder
Sargant & Dilks
Forster & Woodman
O’Donnell & Wilson
Launder & Redford
Julie Murphy family
Ackroyd & McGennisken
Canty & Heard
Gellert & Ryan
Delahunty & Camplin
Shepherd & Evan
Anderson & Oneill
James & Wilson
Phillips & Rasche
Oliver & Coles
Hunt & Blake
Smith & Ritchie
Amarant & Erwin
Michelle Cox & Greg McKellar
Waldron & Graven
Great Western Cricket Club 1977
C Hull family
Morgan & D Bridge
Acker Family
Dowsett Family
Confirmation 76
Mr & Mrs Ralph
Eagles family
R Pert Confirmation 1975
Val Earle
ANZ Bank
Morrisey Children
Leaf Family
G Blay
Chappell family
Halls Gap Cricket Club
Aston Diamond Wedding
Kilpatrick children
Waldron Baby
Fr Conway farewell
Santa Seppelts 1975

Physical description

Colour negatives of families, weddings and other.
Nineteen Lever Arch Folders

Inscriptions & markings

Mick Walsh
52 Patrick Street