Historical information

Negatives from Stawell Photographer.
Discarded from Penna Print Ararat.
Son contacted and gave approval for Stawell Historical Society to keep them.
Only those of a non personal nature scanned.

Willett family
Holidays 77
Gunning Suares
Tennis 77
Hannett & Hosken
Newton & Payne
O’Grady & Bigmore
Bryant & Holmes Brown
Nicholls & Driscoll
Franklin family
Dalkin Family
Crawford family
Sue Marshall & Greg Holmes
Warren & Morton
Jones Baby
Lois Ralph Baby
Dark & Hay
Ryan Children
Whelan baby
Kath Sluga
Ken Potter family
Barbara McDonald baby
North Western Woolen Mills
Tina Walters
McArthur family
Frencham & Templeton
Keith Boyd
Tony Beck
Axford family
Jean Taylor 70th birthday
Winkley family
Wayne Shalders
Kims baby
Dunlop baby
Mex & Upson
Blackie family
Snowfall 7/6/1977
Gready reunion
Stawell Golf 1976
Flowers May 1977
Hank Neil presentation
Harris & Collier
McKenzie & Dryburgh wedding
Monteith baby
Giles & Cameron
Pulley & Griffin wedding
Simpson & Whelan wedding
Baird & Lewis wedding
Rundell & Dreher

Physical description

Colour negatives of families, weddings and other.
Nineteen Lever Arch Folders

Inscriptions & markings

Mick Walsh
52 Patrick Street