Historical information

Negatives from Stawell Photographer.
Discarded from Penna Print Ararat.
Son contacted and gave approval for Stawell Historical Society to keep them.
Only those of a non personal nature scanned.

Blake Family
Ron & Margaret Mason
Stewart & Price
Lynette Bibby family
McAllister & Oates
Torney & Jones
Pan McKay family
Reading & Glasson
Jim Redman
Longmore & West
Smith & Quaiffe
Christian family
Robert Stewart baby
Wright & Holloway
Graeme & Kay Ellen baby
Aileen Neild & Chris Tate
Stawell Golf Club A B C D Champions
Whelan & Thomas
Rodger Payne baby
Denise Whitehead
Ken Robson Memorials
Beckwith & Talbot
Schwab & Elliott
Dowd & Eastick
Barry Henderson baby
Quinn & Cameron
Wright flowers
Pickering & Pietsch
Craig Robson 21st
Mrs Kevin Brooks
Paulett & Krishna Rama
Lang & McDonald
Smith & Price
Erwin Golden Wedding
Hilda Cross
Sue Wallis & Tom Kilpatrick
Eckman family
McGregor & Brennan

Physical description

Colour negatives of families, weddings and other.
Nineteen Lever Arch Folders

Inscriptions & markings

Mick Walsh
52 Patrick Street