Historical information

Graham WOOD

Wartook Pottery was set up in the early 70s by Graham Wood, and was sucessful for nearly 25 years. It then moved to Halls Gap (The Grampians, Victoria), and the name was changed to Jimmy's Creek Pottery in 1998. The pottery conitnued under that name until 2003. when cheap imports hurt the business.

Physical description

Hand thrown ceramic bowl with 'Gum Leaf' design and the word 'sugar'. According to decorator Wendy McGuiness all decoration was made and applied by hand - an extremely time consuming activity. Texture to the body of each piece was created by using a piece of coral. Tenmoku glaze was applied to the top of the pieces, with iron oxide to the main body.

This was the first of the Wartook range that sold commercially from around 1987 all over Australia. At the height of production Wartook Pottery had 5 employees, including a new wheel potter (who was adept at creating the pieces as Graham had done before).

Additional ranges were still hand thrown, but with a floral wreath (slip cast) applied to the top of each pot, as well as a range that used decals for decoration.