Artists statement

Focusing on personal memories, the Creatures of Change series is a collection of sculptures and objects that depict and embody memories of change. The works are stylistically and thematically divided into two groupings: one focusing on memories of growth, the other on death. Utilising organic shapes and lines, the works aim to express the need for life, death and change within our lives as these natural forces shape and mould us into who we are. Influenced by organic shapes, textures and colours, the two groupings are characterised by specific physical attributes. The growth works exhibit shapes of seeds or blossoming flowers, they grow outwards representing the outward growing we experience throughout life. They exhibit signs of expansion and movement through cracked surfaces and exude life as signified by the colour green. The death shapes are represented by tree stumps, a common gravestone symbol. The dead shapes are textured with broken and crumbling edges and sharp corners, symbolic of the feelings those in mourning experience. The death works are decorated with a deep, moody blue, conjuring up sadness and thoughtfulness. Accompanied by small hanging pieces which represent fragmented memories, the two sets of sculptures share a sense of druid creation. These creatures, with jointed legs, have a sense of life and movement. Born of memory, they embody a sense of willingness to change and respect for nature. Change as brought by life and death is a force beyond our power, these works endeavour to show the grasp change has on us and the power of our memories.

Historical information

Sarah MISCHKER (1996- )
Born United States
Arrived Australia 2017

In 2023 Sarah Mischker completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Federation University Arts Academy. Her final folio focused on the 'Creatures of Change' series, a collection of sculptures and objects that depict and embody memories of change