Historical information

Cheltenham and Heatherton are suburbs in the City of Kingston that were originally established as a rural market gardening community. The market gardens, farms and paddocks have gradually been sub-divided into housing and industrial estates and associated infrastructure such as schools and shopping facilities.


This aerial image covers a diverse section of the City of Kingston, taking in the suburbs of Cheltenham, Heatherton, Mentone and Parkdale. By 1984, the market gardens of the district have been replaced by housing and factories. The Nylex factory is visible and now closed. Mentone Bowl on the corner of Warrigal Road and Nepean Highway has now been replaced by high rise apartments, another feature of the changing landscape in the City of Kingston. The vacant land now occupied by the Moorabbin Airport Direct factory Outlet (DFO) is also depicted.

Physical description

Aerial photograph of Cheltenham, Heatherton, Mentone and Parkdale within the City of Kingston. The area depicted in the 1984 aerial view includes Centre Dandenong Road and Cheltenham East Primary School (top left), Kingston Heath Reserve (top right), intersection of Lower Dandenong Road, Warrigal Road, Balcombe Road and Nepean Highway (bottom left), Balmoral Drive/McSwain Street Parkdale (bottom right).

Inscriptions & markings

White text: 3831-179 Lens information [indecipherable] RINGWOOD M/S 7922-3 RUN 16 [Clockface image] 5,300' ASL VIC DLS© 5-1-84