Historical information

Rabbits are recognised as a pest in Australia. They were often trapped and eaten especially during the depression years of the 1890s and 1930s but also the 1950s and 1960s. Steel-jaw traps work by snapping shut on the leg of an animal, holding it until a trapper arrives, or until the animal dies or wrings its paw off. They became illegal in Australia during the 1980s on animal cruelty grounds. Some old rabbit traps are valuable.


Used by residents in the Kiewa Valley

Physical description

A steel jaw trap has jaws that are designed to spring together. It is illegal to use them in Australia.
2 of the rabbit traps are 'S. Griffiths 3 stars IXL Ref. "one of the pioneers, well known among long-experienced trappers' Page 21 Farmyard Relics by Ken Arnold. The other trap ha a picture of a bird engrave on it.