Historical information

Royal Doulton as part of the Minton Miniature series produced this stork model in 2001. A limited edition of 1,793 pieces were made, and this stork is number 118. The stork is a scaled down model of the original life-size piece first produced by John Henk, c. 1870, as a walking stick and umbrella stand.


A rare miniature stork demonstrates the artistry and skill required to produce Majolica ware during the 19th century and the present.

Physical description

A miniature white stork standing on one leg atop a rocky mound, an eel clasped in its beak, a frog beneath its foot, the stand formed by tall bullrushes & water-lily pads.

Inscriptions & markings

Inscribed at the base Minton founded 1793, artist mark: 6, made in England