Physical description

A vintage 1918 hardcover children's book with the title Chatterbox printed in white lettering at the top of the front cover which has a green coloured background with an illustration in a large circle showing a boy and girl playing in hay. The publisher details are printed at the bottom. It is bound on the left side with red tape. The cream and red coloured back cover has an advertisement for "Pears" soap 'This only is the witchcraft I have used' showing a smiling woman talking to a man. Both are dressed in Victorian Era style clothes. The frontispiece coloured illustration inside depicts four Egyptian black men on a Dhow boat chasing another boat next to it.'Chasing Gun-Running Dhows' is the name of the illustration. The title page has the title plus Founded by J. Erskine Clarke, M.A and publisher details with a black lined illustration of children, a woman with children at her knee reading and flowers. There are further coloured plates in the collection. of puzzles, poetry, and stories for children. Pp. 316. The endpapers have several advertisements related to children, their health, food and sweets included.

Publication type


Inscriptions & markings

On the page opposite the contents page, in grey pencil copperplate witing is: ' To Dear Iris with best love from Dear Nan 25th Dec 1920.


A vintage 1918 Chatterbox collection of puzzles, poetry and stories for children with black lined illustrations and coloured plates throughout.