Historical information

This photograph depicts a section of Cheltenham with a mix of housing and market gardens. The visible market gardens, farms and paddocks have gradually been sub-divided into housing, commercial and industrial estates.


A large part of Cheltenham was originally established as a rural market gardening community. The railway line and station brought urban development to the area and the gradual subdivision of farmland and large land holdings for the development of housing.

Physical description

Aerial photograph dated 1945 of the Cheltenham area in the City of Kingston. Sydney Street (bottom left); Sinclair Street (top left); Weymar Street area off Wilson Street, Charles Street (botton right).

Inscriptions & markings

White print VIC-170; 57197; RUN5; PROJ.No.5; MELB.METROP AREA
Lens information [indecipherable]
Small photograph: clockface
Black ink: 57197