Historical information

Multiload is an IUD, an intrauterine device used for contraception. The plastic used in this IUD is a mixture of high density polyethylene, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer and barium sulphate in a weight ratio 44/36/20. (MIMS, October 2013)


This is one of a collection of items received from the practice of Dr Lachlan Hardy-Wilson, FRCOG, Launceston, Tasmania.

Physical description

Two flat boxes containing Multiload CU250 intrauterine devices. Front of each box carries an image of a hand holding an IUD inserter, with the Multiload IUD at the top of the inserter, above a blue background on which an image of a vagina has been superimposed. Text printed on the front of the box reads 'MULTILOAD/CU250/intra-uterine/device/Attention:/the enclosed instructions should be followed carefully before insertion of the MULTILOAD-cu250'. Manufacturer's information is printed on the bottom section of the front of the box. Back of each box is printed with distributor information.
One box is sealed, and one box is unsealed. Unsealed box contains one IUD, sealed inside a sterile plastic pocket. Back of sterile pocket is printed with an expiration date of 06-12-1984. The IUD is in the form of a small plastic rod, or stem, with two small flexible side-arms. Each side arm has five small protrusions. A copper wire is wound around the stem. A nylon thread with two ends is attached to the bottom end of the stem.
Back of sealed box carries a sticker which reads 'Date of manufacture: /12-08-1984'.