Historical information

No provenance


shows geographic details and extent of WW2 but is undated

Physical description

Photo Album- padded covers with black card inserts with mounted B/W photos attached. Several pics missing.

Inscriptions & markings

Front has 2 coloured images of Japan. Back has 1 coloured image. Inside Front cove is colour pic of Aquitania. First page contains 'pin-up' pics of pre-war starlets
Idntifying pics include: Ocean Escort-Australian Convoy,Colombo-Suez, February 1940. Moonstone captures sub (Med 1940, sub Galileo Galilei). Nice work Kimberley H L Anderson. HMS Kimberley served in North Sea and Med. Dyatalawa=town in Sri Lanka. Berbera=British Somaliland taken by Italy in 1940. Dyaluma Falls=Sri Lanka. HMAS Sydney (no date or location).