Historical information

Developed by Dr Jack Lippes in 1962, the Lippes Loop was commonly used as a contraceptive device from the 1960s to the 1980s. Due to its low cost and the ease of inserting and removing the device, it quickly became the most popular IUD in the world during its time.


This is one of a collection of items received from the practice of Dr Lachlan Hardy-Wilson, FRCOG, Launceston, Tasmania.

Physical description

Two sealed Lippes Loop IUDs, Size C. IUD and inserter are sealed inside a sterile plastic pocket. Manufacturer information is printed on a cardboard insert which holds each IUD inside the pocket. The packaging of the first Lippes Loop is printed with an expiry date of Jan 83 on the back. The packaging of the second Lippes Loop is printed with instructions for use on the back.l