Physical description

Hand-written minutes of the East Ringwood Progress Association from 16 November 1925 until 16 June 1930, then continued from 20 May 1946 until 29 November 1948. An additional scan repeats pages 1-3, due to misalignment, and adds names and addresses, for insertion after page 86.
Some of 1925-1930 members had surnames Howship, Kelley, Klix, Wedge, Skerritt, Walmsley, Saywell, Watson, Herbert, Neal, Vogel, Hodgkins, etc. Includes records of the formation of the East Ringwood Football Club, and many other local matters.
Names for the 1946-48 period were Maggs, Meyland, Rawson, Wedge, Codd, Burke, Hall, Purser, Gowland, Guest, etc.

Meetings took place at the Klix's residence then the East Ringwood Pavilion at the Reserve