Historical information

PS Pevensey was the last vessel to be built on the Moama slipway in 1910. it was originally built as the barge Mascotte a year earlier. It is powered by a 20hp Marshall and Sons steam engine and was first used on the Murrumbidgee River where it collected wool bales and brought them back to Echuca where they were loaded onto trains and taken to Melbourne for shipping overseas. The PS Pevensey was named after the Pevensey Station on the Murrumbidgee River. In the 1950's it travelled to South Australia where it survived being burnt and sunk but continued to keep working in the agricultural industry. It was sold to the Port of Echuca in 1973 where it was restored over 3 years and is still the largest vessel operating from the Echuca Wharf. In 1982, it was temporarily renamed The Philadelphia, and starred in the TV mini series " All The River's Run" based on the books by Nancy Cato. In 1985 Prince Charles and Lady Diana visited Echuca and cruised on the PS Pevensey, although it was labelled PS Philadelphia for the occasion. It is the largest vessel operating from the Echuca wharf as it can carry 90 passengers or 120 tons of cargo.


PS Pevensey is a Murray River paddle steamer from 1910 and was built at Moama in NSW opposite the Port of Echuca. It was one of the largest towing and cargo paddle steamers on the river and was known as "the great Clydesdale" of the river. PS Pevensey remained operating on the river until 1958 after a number of years lying dormant it was purchased in 1973 and restored at Echuca. It began operating again in 1976 and it is still taking trips. it is one of a small number that still operates in its cargo carrying layout and with its original reconditioned engine. Coming back to Echuca PS Pevensey brought Kevin Hutchinson OAM to work at the Port of Echuca for the rest of his life.

Physical description

A side wheeled paddle steamer. Originally built as a barge the barge Mascot in 1909. Rebuilt as the PS Pevensey a year later in 1910.

Inscriptions & markings

Pevensey labelled on the wheelhouse..