Historical information

HMAS BENDIGO (J187) was an Australian made "Corvette" which served throughout WW2 until 'paid off' on 27 September 1946.
The Bendigo Military Museum also holds the last ensign of HMAS BENDIGO, it has a large number of auto graphs. We also hold the wooden crest and Battle Honours Board, this is on loan for 5 years.
Refer to Cat 4546 Ensign.

Physical description

1. This is a medium size ships bell. It is cast from Brass. It has a protrusion on the top with a hole in it, used for mounting. The words HMAS BENDIGO 1941 are engraved into the side and painted black. The exterior surface has a few pits, but has been polished numerous times. The interior surface is rough cast, with a large quantity of dints, where it has been struck by the clapper.
2. This is the clapper. There is a steel hook under which is a weight of steel. Under that is a ring. Suspended from the bottom ring is the rope handle. This is an excellent example of navy rope work. At the top of it is a metal ring. Under that is a white and red stylised crown. Under the 'headband' of the crown is a white rope handle with blue inserts. At the bottom is a large rope "Ball" with numerous rope threads of about 180mm length.