Historical information

This box is of key importance as an item that held Kraft Walker Cheese Company cheese. This company and its factory in Allansford was a key business in the dairying industry in the Warrnambool area for nearly 60 years. The box may have been used locally in the Allansford factory.

Physical description

This is a wooden oblong box with no lid. It has been nailed together with 12 nail heads visible and four nails protruding from the top edges. It has been used to package 1 dozen 8 oz Kraft Cheese.

Inscriptions & markings

‘The World Renowned Kraft Cheese (K), Blended Pasteurised Packed, Patented July 26 1916, 1 Doz. 8oz Cartons , Kraft Walker Cheese Co. Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Australia' 'Kraft (K) Cheese 1 Dozen 8 oz Cartons'