Historical information

In 1909 the Australian Army Headquarters realized that mapping in Australia was either non existent or inadequate for Military use. It was requested that Australia borrow Survey personnel from the UK Royal Engineers (RE) for a two-year detachment. On 11 April 1910 four RE NCOs arrived in Melbourne comprising CPL J Lynch, and LCPLs AH Barrett, EF Davies and R Wilcox. LCPL Barrett had 12yrs experience with RE. They were aiming at producing eight map sheets per year covering about 7,000 square miles (18,000 square Km) This map sheet of the Newcastle area was produced using plane table methods and was surveyed and hand drawn by LCPL A Barrett Oct - Nov 2010. It was unique because it was now produced on an accurate gridded base and included contouring. Lynch and Davies transferred to the Royal Australian Engineers (RAE) whilst Barrett and Wilcox returned to the UK in June 1913. Barrett returned to Australia in 1915 and also enlisted in the RAE and served until 1919.

Physical description

A gridded Map of Newcastle NSW area scale four inches to one mile with 25 feet interval contouring. Coloured hand drawn map produced in 1910.

Inscriptions & markings

Signed by " A Barrett LCPL Royal Engineers"