Historical information

This is a coloured reproduction print of an original Plane Table compilation map sheet of Tallarook area 1inch to 1 Mile scale compiled by Sgt Jack Cullen Australian Survey Corps 12 November 1923 and signed by Capt J Lynch. Capt Lynch and Sgt Cullen were both foundation members of the Australian Survey Corps. Of particular interest is the fact that this is a heighted compilation with contouring (required for Military use) as many early maps were purely planimetric. The reverse side of this print is a copy of the Nagambie plane table South West field sheet.

Physical description

Reprinted coloured Image of Australian Topographical Survey TALLAROOK SE field Sheet,1 inch:1 Mile, hand drawn contoured Plane Table Field sheet. Signed by Sgt J Cullen Australian Survey Corps November1923. An enlargement of YEA Township 2 Inches to 1 Mile Scale.