Historical information

A wallpaper sample donated to the collection by Frances Alexandra (Frankie) Derham (1894–1987). Derham was an Australian artist and educator. A lecturer in art at the Melbourne Kindergarten Training College (1928-64) , she later taught at the Associated Teacher Training Institution (1949-61). Her commitment to `child art’ developed after 1935 when she accepted an invitation from Margaret Lyttle to teach at Preshil school.


Frances Derham's collection of nearly ten thousand children’s drawings and paintings was acquired by the Australian National Gallery in 1976. Her interest in art for and by children is reflected in her donation to the Villa Alba Museum of an important and rare collection of early wallpapers designed for children's rooms.

Physical description

Nursery wallpaper depicting Japanese people with counting rhymes printed around them. "70442 Sanitary" printed on reverse.Originally donated by Frances Derham to Villa Alba Museum via Terry Lane..

Inscriptions & markings

Verso: "70442 Sanitary"