Historical information

The certificate was issued by the City of Bendigo to AHQ Survey Regiment awarding the Regiment "Freedom of Entry" on ceremonial occasions. The certificate recognises the long service and close association between the Regiment and the City. Three certificates with seals were produced. One held by the City of Bendigo, one held by the Regiment and one was held by Ian Wallace who produced the certificates when he was part of the City's Engineering Department. The Freedom of Entry to the City was first conferred by the Bendigo City Council to the Army Survey Regiment in 1970. The unit then exercised its freedom by marching into the city with swords drawn, bayonets fixed and drums beating. The honour is usually bestowed upon local regiments, in recognition of their dedicated service, and it is common for military units to periodically exercise their freedom by arranging a parade through the city. The parade generally concluded after formal inspections of the troops. Regiment members were often treated to a civic reception at the City Hall after the ceremony. The Regiment also exercised its Freedom of Entry with anniversary parades in 1977, 1980, 1985, 1990 and 1995.The Regiment copy of the certificate was sent to the Army Military Museum at Holsworthy when the unit was disbanded and this copy (6409.1) held in the Bendigo RSL Museum is the copy that was originally held by the City of Bendigo. 6409.2 is a photograph of Gary Warnest, President ExFortuna Survey Association (left) holding the certificate 6409.1 and Mr Ian Wallace the certificate producer (right).

Physical description

Large framed certificate. Wooden frame, glass protecting the certificate.