Historical information

The State Electricity Commission of Victoria constructed the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme.See KVHS 1282


Ron White was the Principal Hydro Engineer 1966 - 1985 on the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme. See KVHS 1282

Physical description

1. Booklet "Rules of the Kiewa Hydro Co-operative Distribution Society Limited" and Ron's 'Share Certificate' dated
12th /4/1957
2. Book "Inside Information" explaining the ins and outs of a car for the motorist.
3. Black and White negatives
4. Ron's La Trobe Valley Health Services Membership card x2
5. State Savings Bank of Victoria Kiewa Operations social club 1962 x2
6. The Association of Professional Engineers, Victorian Branch receipts 1956
7. Upper Kiewa Valley Uniting Church list of members 1969-1970 & Financial Statement for 1970
8. 4 Bogong Village coloured postcards
9. Folded Plan of 'Kiewa Area Planimetric Map'
10. Large Photos sent to Ron by "Bill Greenaway / Y.T.S. Lab./ 11-5-66" 1) Football Team x2, 2) Mt Beauty Switchyard,
3) McKay Power Station, 4) Clover Power Station