Historical information

These bottles may have been in use in the 1940's or earlier. Cordial drinks came in bottles bought at a local grocery store. The shape of the bottles changed as did the stopper or seal. Bottles were recycled remaining the property of the manufacturer - 1. O.T. Ltd., Australia and 2. Lemos Australia in these samples. It appears these bottles may have the remains of a soft drink or cordial which is now dark in colour.

Physical description

Two vintage glass bottles: 1. A clear glass bottle with an embossed decorative leaf pattern around the neck. It has a rusted metal cap. 2. An embossed diagonal square patterned clear glass bottle with a rusted screw top lid. It has an oval shape on the front where the paper label was glued; there are the remains of a label.

Inscriptions & markings

1. 'This bottle is the property of O.T. Ltd.'
2. 'Design No. 9072 Australia No. 8449 India 6888661 Great Britain. No. 1826 United Union of South Africa........ Only contents sold'. 2. 'Lemos. Registered trade mark.'