Historical information

An annual magazine published for release on RASvy Corps birthday 1st July. All units with RASvy Corps are invited / expected to submit an article depicting their activities over the preceding years 1991 to 1993. 4Fd Svy Sqn Adventure training list pages 7, 8. Army Map Depot - Unit Ski Day, pages 20, 21. The William Patton Expedition - Locating his grave as part of the " Burke and Wills " expedition, list of personnel involved - page 43. 8 Fd Svy Sqn - names mentioned and photo - page 50. 4 Fd Svy Sqn (1992) names mentioned page 69. The G Res manning list on page 70. Names mentioned in "Unit sports pages 73, 74. Exercise Kokoda Cartographer July 1992 list of participants on Page 78. Iraq - The Gulf War, Topographic Support page 52. Adelaide (4 Fd Svy Sqn) 1992 page 65. 8 Fd Svy Sqn manning wind down list pages 89-90. Military Geographic Information Pilot Project page 92. Royal Australian Survey Corps Aerial photography Team personnel list page 95. Operation Belama 92 Team list page 96. Long term Schooling attendees and promotions, page 105. Litho Sqn Postings in and out pages 116-117. Special awards SGT Durrant page 113, SSGT SR Hill page 114. RASvy completes 1:50,000 scale mapping of the Pilbara Region page 121. 1st Topo Svy Sqn personnel mentioned on page 122.

Physical description

A4 sized booklet with soft glossy card covers, paper pages held together with a plastic spiral binder.