Historical information

Patch work quilts were made by women to decorate a cot or bed and to use left over material. They were backed to increase the warmth of the bedding. It was a leisurely occupation sometimes done in the home or with a group. These two quilts are of a decorative nature using scrap material and do not have a theme or particular pattern to them.


These two quilts were made by women in the Kiewa Valley and were hand stitched.

Physical description

1. Hand-made cotton patchwork of varying colours and shapes of squares and rectangles. Back by a flannel sheet of flowers on beige or blue background. Suitable for a cot. No filling and slightly damaged with a small tear.
2. Handmade cotton patchwork of a square whose sides have been extended with rectangular strips of material. The back is a coarse wool with a greenish tinge and thin colored strips along its length on the sides. Suitable for a cot. No filling.