Historical information

The cape is of a style from the Victorian or the Edwardian Era and so provides a good example of women's clothing from that time. The light colour, silk material and lace suggest a cape used for special occasions with the possibility of initially being a wedding cape.


The item is of significance historically and socially as an example of women's clothing in the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Physical description

Ladies cape consisting of two circular tiers and a collar. The inner tier is knee length with a thin lace insert around the hem. The outer tier is elbow length with a wide lace edge and the thin lace insert inside this. The collar has lace edging and a lace insert of the same width. The lace used is of a repeat flower pattern most likely made of a combination of silk and cotton. The cape material appears to be a cream ribbed silk with the lining being of a polished cotton or silk variety. Both materials have a silken sheen in the right light. A silk ribbon ties the cape at the neck. The lining and lace have been sewn with fine hand stitching.