Historical information

A property illustration by Margret Picken Commissioned by a real estate agency for the purpose of advertising 8 Hale Crt., Burwood East in 2003
Made by using Rotring ‘Rapidigraph’ drafting pens with Rotring ink on Rapidigraph polyester drafting film, double matte.
This property is listed as sold for $385,000 in 2003

Trained as a cartographic draftsman within the mining industry, Margaret Picken is an artist who worked producing property illustrations for real estate agencies in eastern suburbs of Victoria from 1983-2005. Retiring from the industry as technological changes favored coloured photography over illustrations, and commissioning companies over sole contractors.


This artwork is of Historical Significance as a record of local domestic architecture.

Physical description

A black ink line drawing on drafters film by Margaret Picken, of 9 Tainton St., Burwood. A brick single story house with steps up to front door, with a driveway leading past a gate, to a garage in the background.

Inscriptions & markings

8 Hale Crt., Burwood E
Margaret Picken © 2003