Historical information

These medicinal products were used in the 1900's. Eucalyptus oil was used both externally for Lumbago, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Sprains, Cuts, Bruises and Burns and for all Throat and Cough disorders. McKean's Camphorated Oil was to be used carefully and under strict Accordance with the instructions. Adults to rub briskly on part affected, Infant use to be massaged gently. McKean's were in operation from 1890's - c1960's. The company appeared to have ceased in 2012. Friars Balsam similarly was used externally for Cuts, Wounds, etc. Could be taken internally for Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, etc. 10 drops to one teaspoonful. The Bosisto bottle probably contained eucalyptus oil.

Physical description

Four glass medicinal bottles: 1. A small clear glass McKean's "Helping Hand' Eucalyptus Oil bottle. It has a faded paper label with Trade Mark surrounding a hand illustration with leaves. Unadulterated is printed at the bottom of this label. Pure Eucalyptus Oil with its uses is included. On the back is a paper label with further instructions for use. The screwtop bakelite lid is broken. 2. An angular shaped small brown SIGMA Camphorated Oil bottle with a stained paper label of the manufacturer details and uses. It has NOT TO BE TAKEN stamped into one of the edges on the side of the bottle. Two other sides have three rows of crosses as a pattern. The metal screwtop lid is rusted. F1071 is stamped on the base. 3. A very small round brown Rolfe's Friars Balsam bottle with a broken cork stopper. It has a faded paper label with uses and the manufacturer's details. 4. A small green tinted clear glass J. Bosisto medicine bottle with rounded corners and flattened sides on the front and back surfaces.The flat lip at he opening could have been sealed with a stopper. The sides of the bottle have a vertical joining line.

Inscriptions & markings

1. 'McKean's "Helping Hand' Eucalyptus Oil'. It has a faded paper label with 'Trade Mark (Registered) surrounding a hand illustration with leaves. Pure Eucalyptus Oil' 2. 'SIGMA Camphorated Oil SIGMA CO. LTD Melbourne'. 3. 'Rolfe's FRIARS BALSAM Rolfe & Co. Ltd. Melbourne'. 4. 'J. Bosisto Richmond' is stamped on front side of the front. On the base is stamped ' "English Bottles" '.