Historical information

This preliminary report relates to 32½ acres of council owned land in West Warrnambool bounded on the North by McMeekin Road, on the East by Scott Street, on the South by Evans Street and on the West by the rear boundaries of properties facing Landmann and Granter Streets. In 2010, West Warrnambool was the largest of Warrnambool’s existing industrial areas, comprising approximately 109ha of industrial zoned land, the majority of which
(101ha) is zoned IN1Z, with the remainder zoned INZ3. The area comprises a mixture of lot sizes supporting a diverse mix of industries. Larger parcels are occupied by the abattoirs, scrap metal industries, freight, the Council Depot and storage. Smaller lots are occupied by smaller manufacturers and wholesalers and service industries. [Ref: Warrnambool Industrial Land Use Review. Mesh Pty Ltd July 2010]


This document is a preliminary report prepared by the Warrnambool City Council Engineer in March 1973 and provides an example of the planning process undertaken to develop one of Warrnambool's industrial areas. It contains details and costings of the proposed subdivision.

Physical description

Two foolscaps size pages of typewritten information. A detailed topographical map of the area with areas highlighted in blue, red, green, blue and purple pen.