Historical information

The name of the business that produced the contents of this ledger is unknown. It is a record of rents paid by tenants to the property owners in Warrnambool and district from 1910 to 1925 and includes the rents paid and the dates. It probably belonged to a real estate firm or an accountancy or law firm dealing in property, mortgages and financial investments. Many of the names contained in the ledger are well-known (Coakley, Alston, Gleeson, McGennan etc) and the ones that are not so well known are mostly those with only one or two rental properties.


This ledger is of some interest as a research tool giving information on property owners and renters in Warrnambool from 1910 to 1925. It will be of greater value if the name of the ledger owner can be found.

Physical description

This is a ledger with a cover made of wood and covered with a light brown material. It has a heavy metal insert inside to hold the pages. There are heavy card pages and white pages ruled with red and blue lines. The page entries are handwritten in ink.