Historical information

These baskets were used to store dresses for travelling eg. to Melbourne or Albury either by train or on a coach, a carriage or on the back of an early motor car (eg. on the dicky seat - an upholstered exterior seat)


Owned and used by Clare Roper's mother in 1900. Clare lived on a farm in the Kiewa Valley. The Roper family was one of the early settlers of the Kiewa Valley

Physical description

Two wicker, rectangular baskets, one big and one small held together, one on top of the other, by a leather strap and handle. Both baskets have a close fitting lid that goes all the way down to the bottom thus re-enforcing the sides by doubling them.The handle has an ID tag attached.

Inscriptions & markings

The tag has "Albury" printed / scratched on it.