Historical information

A clothes iron is used, when heated, to press clothes to remove wrinkles and creases.The early irons were heated over a stove or in a fire. Irons were used very early in time and cast-iron irons during the 18th century.
Mrs. Potts invented many irons starting from an early age thus making a difference to the clothing industry. She invented clothes irons with detachable wooden handles. Her first patent was in October 1870.


This iron was used in the Kiewa Valley.

Physical description

Vintage cast iron body invented by Mrs Mary Florence Potts 1890s to 1940s. Detachable wooden handle (not attached) was cooler than a metal handle. It is double pointed for ironing in both directions. Body is hollow the top part being held by two screws. It can be filled with a light material. The No. 1 size is for specific ironing task. compared with No. 2 or No. 3. One handle with other bases enabled some to be reheating while using one. This iron has a stand.
Formerly KV88B)

Inscriptions & markings

Mrs Potts / No. 1 / Iron"" embossed on the top