Historical information

A meat grinder or mincer was used for mincing or fine chopping of raw or cooked meat, fish, vegetables or similar food. It replaced tools like a mincing knife.

Physical description

A cast iron mincer with a wooden handle attached to the long cast iron handle. It can be screwed to a table or bench, secured tightly by a two pronged claws. It has a funnel at the top for the meat to be pushed into the mechanism which when the handle is turned operates the inner mechanism which forces the minced meat out through a side opening. The cast iron handle is curved.

Inscriptions & markings

'2 UNIVERSAL' is stamped on the front of the mincer. Stamped on the front side of the handle - ' L. F&C. NEW BRITAIN. CONN.U.S.A.' On the inside of the cast iron handle is stamped - 'PATIO 12 1897. PAT.MAY 15.1909. 4.18. 1899. D.R.ENG 10'...... and several other numbers which are hard to decipher.