Historical information

Vacuum cleaners have been part of the household for many years. Beginning as simple tools blowing the dust to the current sucking up the dust and being powered by electricity. From the shape of a barrel to those that stand upright, from being fitted onto a 'sled' to those with wheels and from heavy to light.


Used by a resident in the Kiewa Valley

Physical description

Electrolux cannister steel vacuum with leather handle at the top, the electric socket (and cut power cord attached) at one end and the cloth covered hose at the other end. Two steel extension handles, hose and cord works. Parts with combination dusting and upholstery tool and hardwood floor dust mop and refrigerator crevice tool. The cannister sits on a 'sled' of two long rods on each side.

Inscriptions & markings

Hand written on the cannister "1932 Model"
"Electro / lux / Made in Sweden / Design Nr B156 Registered" on top
On bottom "Ser 1234 No. 1456 / Volt Watt" ....(not legible)